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France in perspective
By Jane Gavan
17 September 2010

It’s great to have time to wander around with the camera, these two weeks vacations are just the ticket before I settle into my studio artwork. Looking over the images I have taken in France I am struck by the number if times I seem to frame the camera looking for some type of perspective, its like looking for a pattern in space.

I have grouped the images, as a way of learning more about my art making process and what I’m interested in. This time is important to reflect and see what visual patterns are forming. We are making our way from the Basque region to Frankfurt, Allan will return to Australia from there.

Here are some tranquil morning landscapes from the Chateau Capitoul, the Winery of our friends, Vincent and Jenny, we are there to meet their new baby, Samuel, and this is the verdant view from our room.

On the road again, the physical impact of driving across 2.5 km of the Millau viaduct was incredible for me. Lucky Allan was driving and I could take photos from the car window.

It’s a long way down; this bridge has two of the tallest upright columns in the world. The camera is set on continuous and this keeps me busy enough to overcome the anxiety of the height, it’s a triumph, we are on the other side, alive!

Now in the small town of Luxeuil-les-Bains is in northern east France, Frankfurt is just 3 hours from here. The baths were used in Roman times, and are incredibly refreshing and relaxing.

The town dates from the 14th Century and I have tried to capture images that give details and may lead me to know the town better after I have left with some further research. Relief images on stone capitals, what is that building? Details of stone and metal work, its all there for me to draw on later in my work.

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Keywords: Lucky, See, space, visual, Paris

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Trish Smith
I'd love to walk over the Millau Viaduct. My daughter had to build a scale model of a bridge when she was in 5th grade and that's the one she picked (not an easy structure to replicate!). It just looks awesome. Great photos!
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