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Brilliant Bysykkels
By Trish Smith
12 October 2010

The streets of Oslo are perfect for getting around on a bicycle. The hills are not too steep and the streets are designed to accommodate the bikes as well as cars, buses and trams. Many people commute to work on bicycles, either on their own bikes or using one of the city’s rental bikes. At strategic locations around Oslo you will find blue and white rentable Oslo Bysykkel Citybikes lined up with their handlebars locked into a rack, a bit like the luggage trolleys at airports.

Brilliant Bysykkels

Residents of Oslo who have paid an annual fee can swipe a card and release a bike which they can then ride to anywhere in the city. They can return the bike to the same rack, or to another rack elsewhere, and get their deposit back. (These cards are available to tourists and you can rent a bike for up to three hours).

If, like me, you are a very occasional and therefore slightly wobbly bike rider and carry the added risk of coming from a country where cars drive on the other side of the road, you might want to consider a helmet. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere to rent one, so this would need to be brought from home, presenting a bit of a packing challenge, though you could always use it as protective wrapping for something really nice to take home, like a nice crystal bowl. Just sayin’.

Most Oslo residents don’t seem to bother with helmets and dare I say it, this makes them all look even more stylish as they ride around the city. They also seem to be exceedingly polite toward one another (and other road users are also very polite; could it be I was in Oslo for five days and not once did I hear anyone tooting their horn?). Smiling, courteous, good looking cyclists and bikes that look as though they have been purchased with enjoyable, leisurely commuting and not crazy traffic-dodging in mind. Oslo is just full of lovely things to gape openly at.

For more information go to this website: http://www.oslobysykkel.no/

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