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Outside in Oslo
By Trish Smith
14 October 2010

Between October and February, Norway gets less than three hours sunlight per day. It is particularly dark in December, with an average of 0.8 hours of sunlight per day. The climate is not too severe on account of the North Atlantic Current, and the city of Oslo gets more sunlight than the rest of the country because of its southern location. But whatever way you look at it, there are great chunks of time in the Norwegian calendar when it’s much more pleasant to be indoors, in front of a fire, cocooned in some kind of woollen blanket with your fingers wrapped around a large mug of hot chocolate or vodka.

Which means that when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, the Norwegians come out to play. (Or to simply lie in the sunshine and defrost).

I wandered around Vigelandsparken in Oslo with many other tourists who had come to see the sculptures. But the park was also popular with the locals who were enjoying the sunshine, walking their dogs, pushing babies in prams or jogging along one of the footpaths that criss-cross the expansive lawns. In the centre of the city, on top of the Opera House or down by the marina, people just sat and enjoyed the warmth and the view.

From October onwards the temperature starts to plummet so by September, when I was there, there’s a sense of urgency when the sun comes out – as in, let’s get out there and enjoy it because it’s going to be gone soon. Whilst in Australia we take our year-round sunshine completely for granted, in Norway it is treasured.

During the week the urban parks are filled with sun-worshipers, and on the weekends they head out of town with their mountain bikes and walking boots. Because even though blankets and hot chocolates and roaring fires sound really cosy, I can’t help feeling that you’d start to go a bit crazy after a little while.


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Kamala Siva
Have been here in September.Beautiful city .Went on a fiord cruise.
Loved evry minute of the trip
Jean O'Neill
Oslo is pretty cool in the winter too! No pun intended.
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