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Andrew Bain reviews Paro, Bhutan
Sue Marr - 22 Nov 2017
Words by Andrew Bain In Paro, arriving planes seem almost to squeeze into the Himalayan valley... read more
Railroaded in Europe
Roderick Eime - 20 Dec 2016
  Remembering his time as a wide-eyed youngster on the trains of Cold War Europe, Roder... read more
Singapore's most famous redhead
Roderick Eime - 10 Dec 2016
SHE was a redhead who had a private meeting with Prince Philip, met Prince Edward, sashayed with ... read more
Saffron and Lime in Laos
Ewen Bell - 1 Dec 2016
Ewen Bell  In the early morning light hundreds of monks dressed in saffron robes walk s... read more
Ubein Sunset
Ewen Bell - 1 Dec 2016
Ubein Sunset / Mandalay Ewen Bell Stepping into the cultural charms of Myanmar is made even easi... read more
Here's cheers for Oktoberfest
Roderick Eime - 20 Apr 2015
If you thought patrons at this year's Oktoberfest in Munich were pretty good at tossing down ... read more
The Ainu: Before the Rising Sun
Roderick Eime - 24 Mar 2015
“One hundred thousand years before the Children of the Sun walked this land, the Ainu... read more
Moscow's Secret Bunker Unearthed
Roderick Eime - 15 Feb 2015
 as told to me by David Ellis  DOOMSAYERS who get a kick out of reckoning the end ... read more
  "On the road to Mandalay, Where the flyin'-fishes play, An' the dawn comes up like th... read more
Sun shines on the Rainbow Nation
Roderick Eime - 6 Jul 2014
Young South African women enjoy treats at the Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg (Roderick Eim... read more
The best Indian in Bangkok
Roderick Eime - 5 Jul 2014
A classy couple enjoying the rooftop view from Rang Mahal (supplied) Tonight I’m dining... read more
    As told to me by David Ellis   Here's one airport you won't get a Thai f... read more
Flower sellers mingle at the Calcutta flower market (Roderick Eime) Since 1780, thousand... read more
Planning a Hong Kong Retail Expedition
Roderick Eime - 1 Mar 2014
Upper Lascar Row – known as Cat Street – is where you can find such treasures... read more
Something Majestic about this hotel
Roderick Eime - 20 Feb 2014
Aras, the resident barber, is a deft hand with the classic cut-throat razor.   I dare no... read more
Hong Kong's Sensational Hotels and Dining
Roderick Eime - 20 Feb 2014
    Hong Kong’s hotels reach for the stars and the city contains several of t... read more
As fortune would have it, I sat down with two friends in the restaurant of the famous Strand Hot... read more
Elephants and Ferns in Chiang Dao
Ewen Bell - 23 Jan 2014
Just an hour north of Chiang Mai is the community of Chiang Dao, a gateway to trekking in the m... read more
Exploring Kathmandu
George McGowan - 19 Jan 2014
On Day 2 we ventured out on a sight seeing tour to some local attractions around Kathmandu.The to... read more
In May this year I won a trip to my favourite holiday destination of Nepal. The trip was the 60th... read more
Which way to Phuket?
Roderick Eime - 15 Dec 2013
While I have become a regular to Thailand, my visit to Phuket was the first time I'd stayed in th... read more
Laughs and Lazing in Koh Samui
Roger Hanson - 6 Sep 2013
A good laugh always accompanies a good holiday and the more laughs better the holiday seems.It is... read more
Street Smart in Penang
Roderick Eime - 15 Aug 2013
words and pictures by Roderick Eime Penang is not a theme park, but you could be forgiven for th... read more
Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming...
Kerrin Trenorden - 9 Aug 2013
  Very few people are lucky enough in their lives to have a genuine moment that takes your... read more
Chillin' at the Chedi
Roderick Eime - 20 Jul 2013
There are many things to love about Thailand and one of my favourites is being able to stay at... read more
My Jackie O Moment in Thailand
Kerrin Trenorden - 2 Jul 2013
I'm at dinner with a group of amazing ladies from Melbourne, at one of the most beautiful ho... read more
Experiencing Northern Thai Culture
Brad Crawford - 3 Jun 2013
Early in the year I had the chance to visit the beautiful, northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. Afte... read more
                &... read more
Sir Christopher Lee and Roger Moore square off on Khao Phing Kan in 1974's 'The Man with the ... read more
Behind The Scenes @ THAI Catering...
Jill Varley - 8 Feb 2013
To the fear of terrorist attack, loss of pressure, engine failure or flying into a flock o... read more
Catch, Cook & Dine at Sarojin, Khao Lak
Emma Gardiner - 25 Jan 2013
Fishing for compliments is one thing but fishing for actual fish? This is a new thing for me so... read more
Cycling the Backroads of Bangkok
Jill Varley - 23 Jan 2013
It’s challenging enough to keep your equilibrium in check in a taxi or motorised Tuk-T... read more
Smiles from Siem Reap
Bianca Lucas - 16 Jan 2013
I went to Siem Reap to see the temples of Angkor. And see them I did.   They are every ... read more
‘In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you ... read more
Say the VIE
Roderick Eime - 20 Dec 2012
One doesn’t simply build a hotel these days, it seems, they must be ‘created&#... read more
A Few Of My Favourite (Bali) Things...
Bianca Lucas - 31 Oct 2012
  1.       Yoga Barn – Ubud. I could write a whole se... read more
My Little Stretch of Paradise
Kerrin Trenorden - 12 Sep 2012
  Phuket is often celebrated for its busting nightlife, amazing shopping and markets and ... read more
Sea Circus in Seminyak
Bianca Lucas - 16 Jun 2012
This time 24 hours ago I was sitting in the delightful Sea Circus cafe in Seminyak, Bali. A frie... read more
On Your Bike to Konstanz
Gerard Tellam - 31 May 2012
Bike ride from Chur to Konstanz, a total of 155 Kms.  Most enjoyable bike ride that took me... read more
All Aboard The Bernina Express
Gerard Tellam - 29 May 2012
  Must admit I was very excited as I stepped on board the Bernina Express train I had read ... read more
Self-Guided Alpine Cycling
Gerard Tellam - 28 May 2012
From the moment I boarded my Thai airways flight from Brisbane I was pleasantly greeted and looke... read more
Hong Kong with Kids
Lisa Evans - 23 May 2012
Hong Kong has a lot to offer and is also a great destination for travelling with kids. On a rece... read more
The Land Of Heart And Smiles
Lisa Evans - 23 May 2012
I have visited over 70 countries and this is the first time that I have had an experience where e... read more
Up A Tree In The Middle Of The African Jungle!
Kerrin Trenorden - 22 Apr 2012
  Located in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve - Umlani Bush Camp is a classic African s... read more
Come Fly With Me...or Not!?
Suzanne Bowles - 21 Mar 2012
There are no two ways, after flying with Ryanair from London to Pisa we really appreciated just... read more
Take Me To The Tower!
Suzanne Bowles - 15 Mar 2012
I learnt a really valuable London tip when I went to the Tower of London..... go on a Monday! &... read more
Gallavanting At Camden Markets
Suzanne Bowles - 14 Mar 2012
It is so much fun walking the streets of London.  London is a "walking" city as it is best s... read more
It's Show Time...
Suzanne Bowles - 13 Mar 2012
One way of keeping yourself updated on the weekly events that are on in and around London town ... read more
Eating in Italy..
Suzanne Bowles - 13 Mar 2012
Eating in Italy is a wonderful experience and a true passion in every city and town. Food is... read more
Exploring Magnificent Kew Gardens...
Suzanne Bowles - 12 Mar 2012
Kew Gardens is one of the premier Botanic Gardens and one of the world's most famous.  What ... read more
Walking to Westminster...
Suzanne Bowles - 11 Mar 2012
Ever thought of doing a walking tour?  I hadn't until a friend urged me to join the London W... read more
Rome Sweet Rome...
Suzanne Bowles - 24 Feb 2012
Rome has a sense of drama about it, the people and the place are very theatrical and exaggerated ... read more
Welsh Revhead
Roderick Eime - 18 Feb 2012
Hiding amongst the idyllic Welsh countryside is a notorious school for boys and girls. Phil w... read more
Melbourne's Secret Tours
Roderick Eime - 18 Feb 2012
  Just as the great sporting nations enjoy a healthy rivalry, so too does Melbourne enjo... read more
Ahhhh, Gelati!
Suzanne Bowles - 13 Jan 2012
"Ahh Gelati" The Italians are a passionate race of people. Football (soccer), pasta, pizza, love... read more
Bangkok is LIT!
Lisa Evans - 12 Jan 2012
On a recent trip to Bangkok I had the pleasure of discovering a shining star that is LIT!  ... read more
Rich Tapestry of Thai
Diana Kim - 11 Jan 2012
I think "rich tapestry" really personifies and defines the culture of Thailand because its exactl... read more
Food Mekong Delta Style
Thea Easterby - 9 Jan 2012
I booked on a Mekong Delta Tour with Urban Adventures because I thought it would be a fun way to ... read more
In Search of Mango & Sticky Rice...
Lisa Evans - 9 Jan 2012
I have been travelling to Thailand since the late 80’s. I still clearly remember my first a... read more
I've never been to Bangkok in December before and I can't believe I've been missing the best mont... read more
A Christmas Shop in Bangkok
Kerrin Trenorden - 19 Dec 2011
Christmas Shopping in Bangkok….. WHY NOT?   This time of year one of the most common... read more
A Shopaholics Dream : Terminal 21
Kevin Fisher - 19 Dec 2011
A Shopaholics Dream : Terminal 21 Sukhumvit Paint just dry, this state of the art yet into the... read more
Chai Time
Bianca Lucas - 19 Dec 2011
  My room mate stated she didn’t like chai. I almost passed out. We were in our ho... read more
THE RAJ MANDIR & MOVIE ETIQUETTE IN INDIA In the pink city of Jaipur (all the buildings are ... read more
Scandinavian Shopping
Diana Kim - 10 Dec 2011
Scandinavia.. and in my "travel tale" case, Stockholm, is known for their simplicity.   On... read more
Hearty Food
Diana Kim - 10 Dec 2011
I absolutely love Swedish food.. well the things they eat anyway as they don't have anything real... read more
Fika Anyone?
Diana Kim - 9 Dec 2011
One of the things i learnt about Swedish people is their love for the sun. Who wouldn't when 9 mo... read more
Reunification Palace
Thea Easterby - 3 Dec 2011
If buildings could talk, the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh would have a lot to say. Th... read more
Ho Chi Minh Bars
Thea Easterby - 2 Dec 2011
Having heard about The Rex Hotel Rooftop Garden from several people prior to arriving, I had to c... read more
The War Remnants Museum
Thea Easterby - 28 Nov 2011
The War Remnants Museum at 28 Vo Van Tan is a reminder that there are two sides in every war.... read more
Where Grass Is Greenest...
Diana Kim - 28 Nov 2011
I was going to write about fashion in stockholm but i just cannot and will not fail to write ab... read more
One Night In Bangkok - Is Never Enough!
Suzanne Bowles - 24 Nov 2011
I'm on my way to London, and this time I decided to be smart and booked a three day stopover... read more
Ho Chi Minh Shopping
Thea Easterby - 22 Nov 2011
Annam Gourmet Shop is a two level store on Hai Ba Trung (down near the river end). This shop ... read more
Facing My Biggest Fear in Bangkok
Kerrin Trenorden - 21 Nov 2011
It was once said to me that one of the great things about my life are the opportunities I have ... read more
Hanging In Bangkok
Diana Kim - 20 Nov 2011
My flight from Stockholm, Arlanda to Bangkok was quite pleasant, great inflight movies and - as... read more
Shopping on Dong Khoi
Thea Easterby - 20 Nov 2011
Dong Khoi is one of the main shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh. It runs roughly from the N... read more
London Heights
Diana Kim - 18 Nov 2011
London is a large international and diverse cultural centre, with art and music present all ove... read more
Bangkok Floods - A Bird's Eye View
Kerrin Trenorden - 8 Nov 2011
Over the weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time in Bangkok and see firsthand the effects o... read more
On A Mission In Ratchaprasong Bangkok
Brad Crawford - 6 Nov 2011
I'm just back from Thailand which was a most enjoyable trip that included both Bangko... read more
Move Over 'X' Box
Kevin Fisher - 3 Nov 2011
Playgrounds have been munching words like ‘Atari, Sega, Xbox and Wii’ - recess is o... read more
Toilet Fetish
Anita McSkimming - 26 Oct 2011
Joe Louis Thai Restaurant, a beautiful dome shaped restaurant, originating from a Bangk... read more
Diver Dan of Itaewon
Roderick Eime - 17 Oct 2011
A good mate of mine, Pete, was a police diver and had his heart set on one of those battered ol... read more
Catalina Island: 26 Miles Across the Sea
Roderick Eime - 14 Oct 2011
Twenty-six miles across the sea Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me anta Catalina, the isla... read more
The Ghosts of Queenstown’s Past
Therese Bruning - 9 Oct 2011
   Queenstown cemetery is next door to the Skyline Complex, so is actually very close ... read more
Enjoy A Birds-eye View
Therese Bruning - 26 Sep 2011
 I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Skyline complex in Queenstown, as sometimes these... read more
Jim Thompson's - Not just about the silk
Michelle White - 13 Sep 2011
It’s amazing what you can discover when tagging along with fellow explorers. For a sea... read more
Queenstown – Something for Everyone
Therese Bruning - 12 Sep 2011
I couldn’t wait to get to Queenstown after having heard so much about it over the years ... read more
Diana Kim - 10 Sep 2011
Being a huge fashion lover.. i was definitely lucky to have been able to squeeezeee in another fa... read more
Segway The Backstreets of Bangkok
Kerrin Trenorden - 9 Sep 2011
For those looking to see the sights of Bangkok with a bit of a difference I have just the thing f... read more
Quirky and tranquil with exceptional service are just a few ways to describe the newly opene... read more
Phatty's Sports Bar
Thea Easterby - 9 Sep 2011
Stepping in the front door of Phatty’s Sports Bar on Ton That Thiep, I walk into a wall o... read more
Back to the Wall
Roderick Eime - 5 Sep 2011
"You are walking ..puff.. on the world's longest .. puff, puff...cemetery," said Miranda, our gu... read more
Sofitel Saigon Hotel
Thea Easterby - 1 Sep 2011
The last time I was in Ho Chi Minh was in 2000. I was a backpacker on a strict budget stayin... read more
Beyond Bangkok And Into The Vines!
Kerrin Trenorden - 1 Sep 2011
Recently I was lucky enough to take my first trip Bangkok. When this was mentioned to family, f... read more
Shopped 'Til I Dropped
Diana Kim - 31 Aug 2011
I know...... I did a whole lot of shopping in Paris, but I traveled to London by Eurostar (which ... read more
Eat Your Heart Out!
Diana Kim - 26 Aug 2011
Food culture and the awareness of the best culinary talents has grown ever since reality shows li... read more
Mao and Then
Roderick Eime - 26 Aug 2011
In Beijing the comical contradictions of the 21st Century capital stand out for all to see. Pl... read more
Damper Baby to the Rescue!
Roderick Eime - 26 Aug 2011
He’s perfectly round, weighs 600 tons and lives in a hole 400 metres above street level. H... read more
Onya Bike Melbourne
Matt Rice - 24 Aug 2011
Onya bike Melbourne ! Oh yes, the smell of freshly ground fine Italian coffee beans, wafting thr... read more
Vietnamese Food
Thea Easterby - 22 Aug 2011
Vietnamese Food You’d have to be doing something wrong, not to experience amazing Vietname... read more
The Sarojin, Khao Lak
Emma Gardiner - 22 Aug 2011
I am rather partial to a man in a safari suit so when Dawid Koegelenberg, The Sarojin’s I... read more
Pret A Porter, The French Way
Diana Kim - 6 Aug 2011
It's a well known fact that Paris is the leading capital of fashion, and there's a reason why-&nb... read more
Sweet Love For Paris
Diana Kim - 5 Aug 2011
So.. continuing on from my last post on my slightly over the top Parisian affair- shop hopping, i... read more
A Parisian For A Day
Diana Kim - 4 Aug 2011
Paris is really beautiful. It is a city which lives up to all the talk and vision people have- de... read more
An Adults Playground
Diana Kim - 18 Jul 2011
One of the things travellers never, ever, EVER forget to do is, shop. It's in our innate nature t... read more
Colour Your World
Therese Bruning - 27 Jun 2011
  Many people have said to me over the years how spectacular the South Island scenery is &#... read more
West Coast Wonders
Therese Bruning - 25 Jun 2011
   From tranquil lakes & waterfalls, to rugged beaches, awesome glaciers and drama... read more
Doing the Ho Chi Minh Trail of Saigon
Roderick Eime - 20 Jun 2011
I turn fifty this year and I‘m betting the retiring baby-boomers who were my school teac... read more
The Eyes - The Window To The Soul
Kevin Fisher - 14 Jun 2011
I have seen my fair share of naturopaths and iridologists but this was something quite different.... read more
Stomach Gets a Spring Clean
Kevin Fisher - 14 Jun 2011
Sense: TasteTurn on your TV and all you see is …’Lose 10 kilos in 10 days’ or &... read more
Cooking up a Storm
Kevin Fisher - 14 Jun 2011
A cooking class underground, yeah right? Together with about 12 other curious inmates of the... read more
De-stressing The Mind & The Muscles
Kevin Fisher - 14 Jun 2011
Senses:  Feeling   I am the first to admit that I am not one for treatments and massa... read more
Weightless Wonders
Kevin Fisher - 14 Jun 2011
Senses:  FeelSaving the best for last. A massage in the water … what?   I ... read more
Bangkok Markets
Thea Easterby - 24 May 2011
It is hard to come to Bangkok and not be amazed by its abundant number of markets. Markets a... read more
Bangkok Shopping Centres
Thea Easterby - 24 May 2011
To be honest, I am not much of a shopper. Taking that into consideration, I have to confess ... read more
Arthur's Pass
Therese Bruning - 19 May 2011
   After picking up our car at Christchurch Airport & deciding to head straight ov... read more
The Sound of Silence
Therese Bruning - 18 May 2011
  As we go about our daily lives, we almost become immune to the fact there is constant n... read more
Get Yourself A Car & Escape the Shaky City
Therese Bruning - 17 May 2011
   We all know of the terribly sad & tragic events of the Christchurch earthquake ... read more
Chawarma Heaven
Therese Bruning - 16 May 2011
     Many moons ago, my girlfriends & I used to be regular visitors to a l... read more
The Grand Palace, Buddha and Sunburn
Thea Easterby - 13 May 2011
My tour guide, nicknamed Tim from Absolutely Fantastic Holidays informs me that if you have not s... read more
Wine Bars with a View
Thea Easterby - 11 May 2011
When I visited Bangkok in 2000 and 2003, I was a Khao San Road backpacker on a budget - a very ti... read more
Saxophone Bar Bangkok
Thea Easterby - 11 May 2011
After catching the Skytrain to Victory Monument, I get lost finding this bar, mainly because ther... read more
The Easy Way to Get Around in Auckland
Therese Bruning - 9 May 2011
   An easy & cheap way to get around the fringe of AKL CBD is the Link Bus . ... read more
So Many Restaurants – So Little Time
Therese Bruning - 9 May 2011
I don’t remember that many great restaurants & cafes in the Auckland CBD when I lived t... read more
Auckland - How Things Have Changed
Therese Bruning - 7 May 2011
  Having grown up in Auckland & not having been back for the past 15 years, I was curio... read more
Destination: Sanctuary Spa
Kevin Fisher - 30 Apr 2011
After weeks of pastries, junk food and lack of exercise (and after receiving a knock back from &#... read more
Let's Take a Look Inside Shall We?
Kevin Fisher - 30 Apr 2011
Sense: Feeling     Endless opportunities are available to enrich and redefine your o... read more
World Cuisine
Thea Easterby - 27 Apr 2011
One of the best parts of travelling is the amazing food. Multicultural cities such as Bangkok of... read more
Authentic Thai Food plus a Sweet Treat
Thea Easterby - 27 Apr 2011
When Tim my tour guide from Absolutely Fantastic Holidays mentions that the Thai restaurant Ban K... read more
Waiter, There's a Bomber in My Lake
Roderick Eime - 22 Apr 2011
Wreckage of B-52 56-0608 in Huu Tiep Lake serves as a reminder to the futility and waste of wa... read more
Hello Sailor!
Roderick Eime - 22 Apr 2011
Copenhagen is a cruisey city in so many ways. I passed through Copenhagen last year and I’... read more
If you’re one of many regular Thailand visitors who dream of experiencing the same authenti... read more
Ten things I love about Thailand (in no particular order)1. Monkeys. They are everywhere!2. ̵... read more
Spas in her eyes...
Emma Gardiner - 5 Apr 2011
  Spas in her eyes   You know that look people get when they’re really, real... read more
This is strange but true, at times it works out better to ignore well-meaning travel advice.Many ... read more
A Big Foot in Goa
Thomas King - 22 Mar 2011
  “Nandu, hey Nandu, how many pots did you make today?” “Kashinath,... read more
Rayavadee, Ao Nang Krabi
Emma Gardiner - 12 Mar 2011
There are times in your life when you walk into a place and know that you’re about to exper... read more
Nahm @ The Metropolitan Bangkok
Emma Gardiner - 11 Mar 2011
Nahm at The Metropolitan in Bangkok   David Thompson has had 17 espressos today which ac... read more
Flying THAI's Royal Silk Business Class
Emma Gardiner - 10 Mar 2011
Royal Silk Business Class   I have always viewed flying Business Class as a marker of... read more
Traipsing Through a Technicolour Town
Thomas King - 1 Mar 2011
I’m walking through a kaleidoscope of colour, a tunnel of Technicolour. Everywhere I t... read more
Khao San: The Gateway
Adam Corney - 25 Feb 2011
Location: Khao San Road, BangkokSoundtrack: Hardcore house trance   Coming back to Khao Sa... read more
Dinner at Vertigo
Adam Corney - 24 Feb 2011
Location: Vertigo, Banyan Tree, BangkokSoundtrack: Smooth jazz   I’d reached a turni... read more
Adam Corney - 23 Feb 2011
Location: Bangkok Soundtrack: Buddhabless  Bangkok is a city of contrasts.  I... read more
A Jungle Interlude
Adam Corney - 22 Feb 2011
Location: Northern Chiang MaiSoundtrack: Birds. Lots, and lots, of birds.After the serenity of my... read more
Adam Corney - 21 Feb 2011
Location: Baan Chang Elephant Park, Chiang MaiSoundtrack: Elgar – Pomp and Circumstance (Ma... read more
Pai New Year, Part One
Adam Corney - 19 Feb 2011
Location: PaiSoundtrack: The breeze in the trees, the running of the water I woke up on the ... read more
Pai New Year, Part Two
Adam Corney - 19 Feb 2011
Location: PaiSoundtrack: Fireworks   Dignity.   It’s the only word I can come... read more
Adam Corney - 18 Feb 2011
Location: PaiSoundtrack: Powderfinger After my adventures in Chiang Mai, I popped up to Pai ... read more
From Another Point of View
Adam Corney - 17 Feb 2011
Location: Chiang MaiSoundtrack: Edith Piaf I was once a diehard backpacker. Three shirt... read more
Street Food
Adam Corney - 17 Feb 2011
Location: All of ThailandSoundtrack: Sizzle.   Street food.   Stomachs the world ov... read more
The Ride
Adam Corney - 16 Feb 2011
Location: Chiang MaiSoundtrack: The breeze in the trees I rode 27.7kms today on a half day bike ... read more
Night Market
Adam Corney - 15 Feb 2011
Location: Chiang MaiSoundtrack: Ke$ha (don’t ask)After travelling for the better part of th... read more
Wilhelm Tell Express
Therese Bruning - 14 Feb 2011
  The Wilhelm Tell Express is "express" in name only but certainly a pleasant way to get ... read more
Adam Corney - 13 Feb 2011
Location: Chiang MaiSoundtrack: Live music, indescribable titlesThais have a certain way that the... read more
Thai Cooking School
Adam Corney - 13 Feb 2011
Location: Chiang MaiSoundtrack: MeatloafI’m a bit of an amateur cook.I love to gather my in... read more
Adam Corney - 12 Feb 2011
Location: BangkokSoundtrack: Theme to “Superman” – John WilliamsI flew into Ban... read more
Why Travel?
Adam Corney - 11 Feb 2011
Location: AustraliaSoundtrack: The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now   Life i... read more
Tales of An Amazing Journey...
John Andrew Punyanitya - 10 Feb 2011
Reliving the distant memories of a childhood in Thailand, fast forwarding two decades to the memo... read more
Degustation In The Forest
Kevin Fisher - 1 Feb 2011
Six Sense Yao Noi   Senses:  Taste/Sound     As with everything it is al... read more
Earth's Best Kept Secret
Kevin Fisher - 1 Feb 2011
Phang Nga Bay, Hong Island, Chicken Island and surroundings.     The area is vast an... read more
Breakfast Is Served
Kevin Fisher - 31 Jan 2011
Six Senses Yao Noi   Senses: Taste/Smell     It became obvious to me after be... read more
Roughing It In Sheer Luxury
Kevin Fisher - 29 Jan 2011
Six Senses Yao Noi   Sense: Feeling   THAI’s branding is based on the spirit ... read more
Choral Chaos
Kevin Fisher - 29 Jan 2011
Six Senses Yao Noi   Sense: Sound     We are not in Africa but yet that same ... read more
Nothing appeals more to me than the idea of some serious ‘me time’. In fact, I a... read more
Let's Get Physical In Chiang Mai
Matt Rice - 19 Jan 2011
Lets get physical in Chiang Mai 06:30hrs I quickly stride past the opulent and lavish breakfast... read more
Birds of a Feather
Thomas King - 10 Jan 2011
It's has neither the fame of the former QE2 nor the prestige of the mighty Queen Mary 2.  No... read more
Happy Hanoi
Jared Crouch - 7 Jan 2011
As my taxi pulls out of Hanoi airport after a very enjoyable flight onboard Thai Airways Internat... read more
Tour with the Star of Phnom Penh
Roderick Eime - 1 Jan 2011
In most cities if you go on a movie star tour you'll travel in a minibus with some dilettante cha... read more
Beautiful, Breathtaking Lucerne
Amy Wyatt - 21 Dec 2010
I am sitting in the first class compartment of the train on my way to Lucerne, a journey of only ... read more
Journey into the Alps
Amy Wyatt - 19 Dec 2010
Today was magic! Possibly my favourite day so far. Boarded a boat for a leisurely cruise up Lake ... read more
Gaga over Como
Diana Kim - 16 Dec 2010
If you want a nothing more than a picture perfect destination, Lake Como is by far the most breat... read more
I'll Take The High Road
Roderick Eime - 10 Dec 2010
It seems every travel story about India dwells on the unavoidable; the conspicuous, elaborate mon... read more
Postcard from Soweto
Roderick Eime - 8 Dec 2010
"You went where?"Such were the incredulous gasps I received from the white Jo'burg locals when I ... read more
Weaving a Royal Yarn
Roderick Eime - 6 Dec 2010
In north-east Thailand, away from the bustle of nearby Surin, lies the tiny village of Ban Tha Sa... read more
Tales Of An Amazing Journey...
John Andrew Punyanitya - 3 Dec 2010
My journey to Thailand this time, began with a two hundred kilometres road trip by bus to the nea... read more
OCF Vietnam Bike challenge
Jared Crouch - 28 Nov 2010
I haven’t felt these emotions for some time. As I stare out the window at Sydney airport, w... read more
Surf's Up Phuket-style
Rebecca Wayland - 17 Nov 2010
Surfing in Phuket Don’t let the Monsoon rain in Phuket get you down, get out there in the ... read more
Lake Lugano & It’s Treasures
Therese Bruning - 14 Nov 2010
There is so much more to the Lugano area than the city itself – it’s extra charm li... read more
Walking the Cinque Terre in Italy
Suzanne Bowles - 8 Nov 2010
Cinque Terre means “five villages” and these five villages just might be the most bea... read more
All Steamed Up
Thomas King - 8 Nov 2010
  There’s no doubt I will be safe. The billboard spells it out in black and whi... read more
The Temptation of Ticino
Therese Bruning - 31 Oct 2010
A 3 hour journey on the ICE train from Zurich using our Swiss Pass had us arriving in Lugano, t... read more
A Street in Sepia
Thomas King - 30 Oct 2010
There’s nothing special about Nam Nu Street. Perhaps it’s a little shorter than any o... read more
Walking On Air
Suzanne Bowles - 28 Oct 2010
“I felt totally transformed, like I was walking on air, heavenly!” When in Thailand ... read more
Trams, Trains and Trottibikes
Suzanne Bowles - 27 Oct 2010
“Trams Trains and Trottibikes”   You know what they say about Swiss precision?... read more
Escape to Antiparos
Denise Dalton - 26 Oct 2010
My favourite holiday destination is a small island in Greece called Antiparos (population of just... read more
Chateau & Cheese in the Loire Valley
Carla Oneile - 26 Oct 2010
We planned a 5 days to the Loire Valley this year to visit as many Chateau’s as possib... read more
Finding The 'One' in Koh Samui
Bianca Lucas - 26 Oct 2010
I’ve been flirting for years.I start to get involved then I back off.I reach a certain leve... read more
German Charm - Mainz to Wuerzburg
Therese Bruning - 25 Oct 2010
Our day started with a walking tour of Mainz city – starting with the over 1000 year old ... read more
 This morning it was time for a better look at some of the tourist sites of Wuerzburg, the f... read more
A Touch of Zurich
Therese Bruning - 25 Oct 2010
Our mode of transport from Wuerzburg to Zurich was by train and once reaching Frankfurt station, ... read more
Seeing Siem Reap & Angkor Wat
Suzanne Bowles - 25 Oct 2010
Disembarking with our luggage to cross the border by foot from Thailand took well over ... read more
Fried Grasshoppers & Misconceptions
Bianca Lucas - 24 Oct 2010
Why had I avoided it for so long?Stupidity and stubbornness perhaps? Despite the fact I had spent... read more
Happy Belly In Bangkok
Suzanne Bowles - 23 Oct 2010
Dining in Bangkok from Street Vendors "Happy Belly in Bangkok" Rice for Breakfast, rice for... read more
Let's Go Shopping! MBK-style
Suzanne Bowles - 23 Oct 2010
MBK is "the" major shopping mall that is centrally located in the heart of Bangkok. There are 1... read more
Outside in Oslo
Trish Smith - 14 Oct 2010
Between October and February, Norway gets less than three hours sunlight per day. It is particula... read more
Cycling Chic
Trish Smith - 13 Oct 2010
While the rest of the world talks up their commitment to a more sustainable existence, and I cont... read more
Local Knowledge
Trish Smith - 13 Oct 2010
Wanting to learn more about the dark brown Huldreost cheese, I returned to Fenaknoken, the delica... read more
Weekend Warriors
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
While I was in Oslo I asked a local what Norwegians do on the weekends. I expected him to say th... read more
Park Yourself at the Opera House
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
The new Opera House in Oslo, known locally as the Operahuset, was opened in 2008. It was built o... read more
Vigelandsparken - The Vigeland Park
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
I love parks within big cities – sprawling, lush, green parks with enormous shade trees, du... read more
Culture and Couture
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
I am sitting at the feet of the statue of the playwright Henrik Ibsen in front of the Nationalthe... read more
People, Prams, Bikes and Dogs
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
In Oslo, dogs and prams are well catered for. For instance, you are allowed to take your dog ont... read more
Crossing the Line
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
Every country or culture has its strange food that you have to try, even if it’s just so yo... read more
Foodie Adventures in Norway Part 1
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
Having just spent a week in Bangkok sampling such culinary delights as deep fried baby crabs and ... read more
Foodie Adventures in Norway Part 2
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
When I was growing up my parents encouraged me and my siblings to try unusual foods from around t... read more
Brilliant Bysykkels
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
The streets of Oslo are perfect for getting around on a bicycle. The hills are not too steep and ... read more
The Fjord – Up Close and Personal
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
When I told a Norwegian friend that I would be traveling to Oslo, he told me that I should take t... read more
The Real Oslo
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
So what is Olso like? Really? My friends all asked me this when I arrived home.  The most ... read more
Fjord Fashion
Trish Smith - 12 Oct 2010
When Dressing for the Fjord, Choose Function over FashionThe ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ t... read more
Amita Thai Cooking Class
Trish Smith - 11 Oct 2010
If you decide to take a trip to Thailand, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a fan o... read more
Trish Smith - 11 Oct 2010
“nahm. yum.” David Thompson is an Australian chef who has been dishing up extrao... read more
Cafe Culture
Trish Smith - 11 Oct 2010
Thick Blankets of Fog and FurMy flight arrived into Oslo from Bangkok at about 7.30am on Septembe... read more
First taste of Switzerland
Amy Wyatt - 1 Oct 2010
Finally arrived in Zurich today after a long flight from Bangkok. My first glimpse of Switzerland... read more
Our journey to Bangkok begins with a friendly 'Sawasdee' welcome from the flight attendants as we... read more
Mainz - Fun In The Wine Country
Therese Bruning - 28 Sep 2010
After 20 hours in the air from Brisbane via Bangkok, our welcome into Frankfurt International A... read more
The Coconut & The Rabbit
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
Coconut is an ingredient that seems to make it into an enormous variety of dishes in Thai food. I... read more
The Or Tor Kor Markets
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
In a former life I worked behind the Concierge desk at a five-star hotel in Sydney, and one of my... read more
Canal Boat Tour
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
Coming from a completely land-locked city, I am always excited at the prospect of getting around ... read more
Lumpini Park
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
In the middle of Bangkok there is a large park called Lumpini Park. It’s a beautiful green... read more
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
The coffee table in my house is groaning under the weight of piles of what my husband likes to ca... read more
Strictly Bangkok
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
Few sounds seem more out of place in Bangkok at 8am than the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra. I wa... read more
I am a fairly shameless people watcher
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
I am a fairly shameless people-watcher at the best of times, no matter where I am in the world. ... read more
We’re all the same but different
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
Before coming on this trip I felt a certain amount of pressure to see and do particular things. ... read more
Lifting your spirits
Trish Smith - 24 Sep 2010
Having grown up in a family that didn’t subscribe to any religion I am often quite curious ... read more
Everywhere I went in Bangkok I saw children, sweet little street urchins mucking about on the roa... read more
It all began a few weeks ago when I noticed an amazing opportunity to visit Switzerland and exper... read more
Sights of lazing beauty
Jane Gavan - 17 Sep 2010
The view from the Hotel, as promised is a panorama of Paris. I sneak out of bed to take photos. T... read more
France in perspective
Jane Gavan - 17 Sep 2010
It’s great to have time to wander around with the camera, these two weeks vacations are jus... read more
Rhythmic patterns, beauty from chaos
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
The savvy creative folk of Bangkok are renowned for their ability to be ahead of trends in design... read more
Colourful cities
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
I think that Bangkok is one of the most colourful cities in the world. You just have to give it t... read more
Discovering Paris
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
As an object designer and maker, Paris is full of stimulation for me. On this trip I am drawn in ... read more
From L’Aquitaine to the Pays Basque
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
In my work I look for patterns, characteristics visual and textural and material.For some reason ... read more
Siam Paragon food hall
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
I am on my way to Paris and I have one day and one night in wonderful bustling Bangkok. The warm ... read more
Ooh La la…
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
Where do I begin to tell the story of food in Paris? Ooh La la…   For me, its simp... read more
Merci bien, Jean Pierre
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
We are in the L’Aquitaine region of France, in the Lot-et-Garonne region in a small village... read more
Dinner at Nahm
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
I am saving myself for Dinner. I have arranged to try the new restaurant at the Metropolitan hote... read more
The Saturday Morning Market
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
We are here in Penne, Allan is returning after collecting me from Paris, he has been here already... read more
Oasis Spa
Jane Gavan - 16 Sep 2010
On the morning after my arrival in Bangkok, I began to venture further from the Centara hotel, it... read more
Trish Smith - 15 Sep 2010
Bangkok residents have the option of getting into the city via the Chao Phraya River in ‘Ex... read more
Fish and tuk tuk drivers
Trish Smith - 15 Sep 2010
Have you ever sat and watched a fish tank full of tropical fish? Have you ever seen any of the fi... read more
Downtown Bangkok
Trish Smith - 15 Sep 2010
I have yet to see a map of downtown Bangkok with a scale in the corner to give me an indication o... read more
Ice Cream Man
Trish Smith - 15 Sep 2010
Many of the people who live right on canals don’t have cars, let alone driveways and street... read more
I am a low maintenance kind of girl most of the time. I would like to be prissier but it takes ... read more
Top Five Must-Eat Things in Thailand
Emma Gardiner - 13 Aug 2010
Thailand is a paradise for food lovers; especially foodies who can handle a bit of chilli. Intere... read more
Rarinjinda Wellness Spa, Bangkok
Emma Gardiner - 13 Aug 2010
When two ladies go on holiday in Thailand, there is really only one appropriate course of action,... read more
Thai and Vietnamese people are fundamentally hospitable, friendly and almost a little bit innocen... read more
Mountains, Mystics and Falling in Love.
Bianca Lucas - 11 Aug 2010
"Don't trust anyone in Delhi. I'm from Delhi and I don't even trust anyone there" said... read more
Pullman Bangkok King Power
Emma Gardiner - 11 Aug 2010
Checking into the Pullman is such sweet relief after the hurly burly of airports and traffic and ... read more
Top Five Must-Eat Foods in Vietnam
Emma Gardiner - 9 Aug 2010
Being invaded by a bunch of other countries must really suck but the one positive is the resultin... read more
Pattaya Elephant Village
Emma Gardiner - 8 Aug 2010
About 15 minutes out of Pattaya City Centre, you will find the elephant village that is home to a... read more
After a false start where a cab dropped us off out the front of what looked like the Department o... read more
Ha Long Bay Day Cruise, Vietnam
Emma Gardiner - 6 Aug 2010
Ha Long Bay is a unique place in the sense that there are more Vietnamese tourists here than inte... read more
Wicked this is not. Nonetheless, outrageous costumes, operatic sets and questionable miming combi... read more
Devon to London
Justin Barnwell - 29 Jul 2010
A typical English breakfast tea overlooking the bay was how I started the day then wandered down... read more
London to Devon
Justin Barnwell - 29 Jul 2010
Having proposed the idea of a surf trip to Gary the previous day he didn’t mess around in... read more
Justin Barnwell - 29 Jul 2010
It's hot and I'm in London. I woke early to the sound of rubbish trucks collecting garbage on th... read more
Hua Hin to London
Justin Barnwell - 29 Jul 2010
After the Let's Sea Bar naming a cocktail after it, I thought I should see what all the fuss wa... read more
Hua Hin
Justin Barnwell - 29 Jul 2010
Hua Hin is a comfortable 2-3 hour drive from the bustling city of Bangkok and very popular with... read more
Arrival to Bangkok & Transfer to Hua Hin
Justin Barnwell - 29 Jul 2010
My last trip to Thailand was over ten years ago. It was a wild ride of alcohol infused nights w... read more
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